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Rich Internet Applications

The Jayam Tech expert's professionals span mainly of todays widely used internet technologies, meeting the ever-growing wants of patrons. Our IT experts approach each customer case individually and propose the optimal cost/performance technical solution

Our RIA Skill Set includes:

  • AJAX
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Flex
  • WPF
  • SilverLight

The best advantage of RIA is that RIA is Powerful, easy to use, fast and responsive. RIAs empower your business with solutions that are more Consistent, Responsive, Focused, and Intelligent, of course

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript + XML)

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript + XML) is a quickly emerging programming technique that attracts lots of attention nowadays. The improved interactivity of AJAX-powered interfaces bridges the traditional gap between Desktop and Web applications. Ability to mash-up services or functionality in a rich punter allows building powerful new or improving existing web software. Well-applied AJAX is a definite advantage for any kind of web application - from simple sites to complex and sophisticated business applications.

Adobe AIR

AJAX Adobe AIR is a cross-operating system runtime that enables you to use your existing HTML/Ajax, Flex, or Flash web development skills and tools to build and deploy rich Internet applications to the desktop.

Advantages of Adobe AIR

  • Adobe AIR uses the same proven, cost-effective technologies used to build web applications, so development and deployment is rapid and low risk.
  • You can use your existing web development resources to create engaging, branded applications that run on all major desktop operating systems.
  • Adobe AIR applications support native desktop integration, including clipboard and drag-and-drop support, local file IO, system notification, and more.

Adobe Flash and Flex Outsourcing Services

Adobe Flex exactly, is a cluster of technologies for the development and deployment of cross platform, Rich Internet Applications based on the proprietary Adobe Flash platform. Fascinatingly, flash content and applications have come forward as principal requirements for rich web experiences.

Over the years, developers at Right way have achieved large amount of ability in delivering Adobe Flex solutions. Our core capability lies at creating extremely perceptive and expressive web and desktop applications.

Windows Presentation Foundation (or WPF )

The Windows Presentation Foundation previously code-named Avalon, is a graphical subsystem in .NET Framework 3.0, which uses a markup language, known as XAML for rich user interface development. WPF is included with Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, and is also available for Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later, and Windows Server 2003.

A WPF application can be deployed on the desktop or hosted in a web browser. It also enables rich control, design, and development of the visual aspects of Windows programs. It aims to unify a number of application services: user interface, 2D and 3D drawing, fixed and adaptive documents, advanced typography, vector graphics, raster graphics, animation, data binding, audio and video. Although WinForms will continue to be widely used, and Microsoft has created only a few WPF applications, the company promotes WPF for line-of-business applications.


Silverlight is a new competitor in the field of RIA from Microsoft, is rapidly talented as a strong challenger to Flash, Ajax and Flex. Various factors like Microsoft's huge development community, the high browser share of Internet Explorer, and the company's dominance of the desktop operating system market are contributing to the increasing consumer adoption of Silverlight.


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